Happy Thanksgiving!

I really wanted to watch the movie I promised myself to watch this month but I was too busy today even though Mj did not attend her training because her periodical test would be tomorrow and she has a tutor she need to attain to after class.
This morning, Mj asked me if I and Faith could go to the venue where their swimming for P.E. is held every Thursday. Since Faith woke up so early, we went to the pool early in the morning to watch her sister performed what she learned from the training. After we watched her, I told her we should go, so to at least treat Faith in Jollibee, they had a buy one take one promotion today in the celebration for their 19th anniversary, the store was jam-packed with customers and the line was so long yet we did not leave the place, we still fall in line to buy her favorite fries, right after the long dreaded line, we took a cab for us to get home.
Sister Merlyn arrived late in the afternoon already. I was watching TV when I realized I have to pay the tuition fee of Mj, so I drag myself to SM to withdraw some money then I went to the school immediately. She was still reviewing her notes with her tutor so I waited for her outside their classroom; it was already 6:30 p.m. when they finished their review.
I am still too tired with today’s agenda yet I should not forget to greet all of you especially my husband a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Neldajay says:

    happy thanksgiving to you too Anne