I’d Been Crying The Whole Day!

Yes, that was yesterday! My God I never thought I could cry the whole day. It must have hurt me that much that’s why I can’t help my tears to well-up enormously! Well, you might want to know why I cried so hard last night, this is how it went:
There’s a movie I long had been waiting to watch and I promised myself to find some time to watch it but I was always busy and I could not find that damn time for myself, to the fact it is shown for how many days in the theater already. Until yesterday, I supposed to grocery shop and go to the dentist but I didn’t because if I did, I can’t watch it anymore since I have to go back at home to fetch Mj for her training.
The movie was so fun but as the story goes, it kept me crying so hard. I had a bad eye bags yesterday but still I enjoy the movie. You might want to watch it is “My Amnesia Girl”. ,When I and Mj arrived home last night the “I am Sam” the movie was about to start so while blogging I was also listening to it but one scene caught my attention and suddenly I found myself watching and crying again. Mind you I was still crying when I hit the bed early at dawn.
Now, I watched two movies “The Apprentice Sorcerer” and “The Going to Distance” Thank God I didn’t cry like a river but I still had so much fun! Oh my! Why do I have to cry over a movie, my GOD I know you would think I am that weird, hmmm maybe just maybe slight. LOL
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