PBWeekend : At Bigbys

We supposed to watch the Megamind in 3D yesterday but when we went to the mall after church, the Megamind was replace by Harry Potter already. So we decided to just eat in Bigbys for lunch, then we headed home afterwards. Mj were disappointed but what can we do but to wait for the Rapunzel instead. It says it will show soon, thus we’re waiting for it. I hope we will not be late again!
My eldest daughter at Bigbys

Faith has a wide smile when I told her to smile for the camera

Faith and I, Mj was the one who took this picture of us.
The food that we ordered should be post in another Meme on Friday.
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  1. what a full weekend…ehehehe…kalami ba ninyo woi…sayang, sige lang kay mas nice paman ang rapunzel…ehehehe! abi nako ug ikaw ning sa first pic…si MJ man diay…ehehehe!

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