Window Shopping for a New Phone

I will be going out early today to buy myself an inhaler for my asthma, it still attacking me now especially at night, the Doctor recommended I should buy one for myself the soonest possible time. Then I will also go to my insurance company to pay my contributions, and I will do grocery shopping later. I hope I still have time to walk around the mall to window shop for a new cell phone, actually I am wondering right now what is the best gift for Mj this Christmas, I thought about a psp player for virtual games but I guess it would be more practical if I will just go to a Nintendo shop to replace the monitor cover, or the screen of her Nintendo since it has a lot of scratch, then we will pursue to buy her a new phone.

Mj’s phone is not working at all and it is hard for me to contact her if there’s any emergency occurs, like if I can’t fetch her up at school and she has to join the carpool going home. We had numbers of incident that she was left by a carpool, thinking I would fetch her from school for training. Good thing that the driver of the carpool understand our situation that every time I call him to get back for Mj he would do it.

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