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Ruby Tuesday # 28: A Rose

I am in a hurry right now, I have some errands to do yet. Please bear with me if this Meme is so late. The connection was badly intermittent these past few weeks, so here I am catching up. This is my entry for:

Ruby Tuesday
A rose given to us when we participated to an event in one of the malls here in our place.

PBWeekend : Ninang

Oh no! I’d never been this late in posting my Meme’s but please bear with me, my Internet connection went crazy since last week, and recently I can’t view any of my website at all, and even in your websites. It was only yesterday that my connections perfectly went back! Thanks goodness, because if they will not fix their base station a week more, I would really have them disconnect my Internet so I could look for another Internet service provider.
Moreover, I attended a baptismal for my friend’s son; they arrived here last month from Texas for a long vacation. And for that, they have their son baptized as well. I was the Ninang so I have to be there, and so to see my friend, whom I haven’t seen for a while.
In the taxi cab, on my way to the church

The couple and their son

of course the Ninang and my Inaanak
my entry for:

In your most downfall moments

As we get older our insurance needs change. We need more assistance in our day to day leaving. As we become older Medicare will cover some or a portion of our medical needs. However it will not cover all the costs, medicare supplement plans can help reduce the financial impact of medical care, especially if you are disabled or have other special needs. I hope they offer like this service in my country as there are many people need this kind of service. A kind of service that you know you are taken cared of even in your most downfall moments.