I Love My Two Laptops

As all my readers know I love blogging. I would not be able to blog without my laptops computer. Have a portable computer has allowed me to blog from when I am at my daughters swimming lessons and at her tutors. It has allowed me to earn some money for things I want to buy for my family. My netbook computer has traveled with me to Manila and Cebu with my husband and to visit friends. I have photos from the day my youngest daughter was born up to this past weekend when we went to the Mall. I love my two notebook computers (the one I keep on my desk and the mini I take with me when I go out). I use them to help my eldest daughter with her homework and to keep my youngest daughter amused. I can also talk to my husband when he is not with us. Laptop computers are so convenient, I love mine.

One Response to “I Love My Two Laptops”

  1. sweetdet says:

    I agree, its good that it was invented.:-)