We went out early in the afternoon today so I could still pay the insurance that I am paying monthly at least before the clock hit 5:00 p.m. But one agency I went first was so crowded, just to think of it, the number that was called, was 170 and I was on number 300. I tried to look for someone who has some extra numbers but I guess it was not my lucky day because no one offered a number to me.

They had this smiley face posted in front of us but how I could smile when I was on the last number. Anyway, I guess it was my fault also because I supposed to go out from the house at 1:00 p.m., but due to some circumstances, we went out at 2:00 p.m.
Despite of being late to my other appointment, I still have reasons to smile because my baby doesn’t have any fever now. Right after I gave her a paracetamol last night, she slowly started to recover and this morning she already had a nice bathe. Thank GOD, her fever did not go back at all.

One thought on “300

  1. hhahaha..300 man jud ang number…kalayo pa kau…ehehhee!

    that is good kay wala na hilanti imong dalaga….:)

    mag trick or treating sila gurl?

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