Happy Birthday Parla!

Last Thursday, we were invited to a birthday party. It was my friend’s daughter party. I, my sister, nephew and my daughters went there. We were a bit shy since we didn’t bring a gift for her child. Although it was okay for my friend to go there without getting her kid a gift but since I brought the uninvited with me, for me I have to produce a gift.
Yesterday, I dropped by in the mall to buy her some gifts; I brought a sling bag, headband and a pair of clips for her. I immediately wrapped it since Mj is getting nosy of those, especially if when she’s not the one who chooses those. When we arrived this afternoon, I took the gift from the closet and went to my friend’s house. I gave the gift to her child right away, and since she was cooking their dinner, she invited me for dinner. Though her fried chicken was tasty, I have to look after my diet seriously, I didn’t eat much. Thank GOD!
Happy Birthday Parla!

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