Couples Corner : I’ll Do it Tomorrow

There are many instances he would say I’ll do it tomorrow and never did it at all. I know he knows what I mean. But as a kulit I can ever be, I keep on asking about it until he gives up. Though there is this certain thing that he never did it for me, he said he wanted it to be as a surprised, yet until now I didn’t have it. I know he has some reasons whatever it is, I understand. Sometimes I get used to it thus he knows I was already mad even though I am miles apart away from him, he knows my feelings.
Did I tell him I’ll do it tomorrow when he asked me of something he needed me to do? Mostly I don’t but there’s this one instance that I said I will get it later, it was the name of the medicine of my eldest daughter, he wanted to know the prescription of it. And I was too lazy to get it so I said tomorrow, I just realized it now I never did it. LOL

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  1. Hehehe, minsan talaga di maiiwasang makalimutan ang mga gawain na ipinanagakong gagawin tomorrow ei ba? Minsan din totally na kakalimutan, gaya mo, hehhee. ako rin madalas matagal bago ko magawa at minsan nakakalimutan ko na forever..Oks lang yan, normal tayong mga tao kaya we tend to forget..

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