The Blogger of Imortal : Jethro

Since the day I learned that the Imortal is something that has a lot to offer to every audience. I began to get hooked up with it, I even asked my eldest daughter to make her training so fast so I could watch the unbeatable tele serye of the year here in the Philippines.
I watch the episode when Lia researched for the symptoms about bleeding eyes and ears; she was redirected to a blog. The funny thing is that she was redirected to the dashboard of the blogger, I thought she owned that blog but nope it’s not. It was actually another blogger who wrote something about her and Matthew. That was a bit missed for the writer; he/she must researched first of what is the dashboard used for. Anyway, even though they kind a messed up that part, I still so loved the Imortal. In fact, I was able to research that blogger and here’s the link.

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