The culprit at the clinic

I am really so sleepy, I just arrived from the swimming class of my eldest daughter, good thing tomorrow we don’t have to get up early since we could not attend her Kumon activity because my sister Merlyn have to attend her son’s first communion.
But even though I am so sleepy I just want to warned all the people here in our city that if you happen to go to a Pediatrician clinics nowadays, you must be aware of some thieves going around the clinic, usually they would pretend as patients, then would talk to you and after you will be get caught of something, you will not know that the culprit is already working so hard just to steal your wallet or cell phone. This thief is a lady; you will not know she is the culprit because she doesn’t look like such as she dresses so decent. This has been the talk of everybody in the clinic yesterday when I sent my eldest daughter for Chicken pox vaccination because one of the victims was their patient from last week. And she has been going around the clinics inside the hospital for a month now so beware!

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