She Cuts Her Hair

Last night, when I and my eldest daughter was so busy reviewing her English, Filipino and Math subject for their periodical exam today, my youngest daughter was as well so busy cutting her hair. I never noticed her until I heard a random sounds of click click in my back, now her hair is not even at all. There’s one or two length that she cut it really short, I grabbed the scissors and put it in our table. My sister then told me to put the hair in a Math book since it was her first hair cut so she will not be having a hard time in Math subject in the future, I wonder if I could put each strand of her hair to a different kinds of books, would that be possible that she will be a genius if I do so? Moving on, since she did not behaved last night when I told her so, she was punished to sleep early; she was not able to watch her favorite cartoon in the TV.

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  1. it would be more effective if you cut it when she turned 1 year old ann. mao jud na sya ang ok according to oldies. yan ginawa ko kay ronna and ella.. so karon samok kaau sige panghilabot ug books.wahhhhhhhh

  2. When I was young, I also cut my hair, LOL! But I was not punished ๐Ÿ˜›

    We also do the same tradition, putting your first cut hair in a book, but instead of having it in Math Books, we placed it in a dictionary.

  3. haha saon. nagkalingaw pud siya iya oi abi kay way nagtagad niya. tuod deden did the same thing pero she cut it beautifully, mura naka slash iya buhok sa atubangan guapa noon tan awn hehe..

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