Archive for October 21st, 2010

She Cuts Her Hair

Last night, when I and my eldest daughter was so busy reviewing her English, Filipino and Math subject for their periodical exam today, my youngest daughter was as well so busy cutting her hair. I never noticed her until I heard a random sounds of click click in my back, now her hair is not even at all. There’s one or two length that she cut it really short, I grabbed the scissors and put it in our table. My sister then told me to put the hair in a Math book since it was her first hair cut so she will not be having a hard time in Math subject in the future, I wonder if I could put each strand of her hair to a different kinds of books, would that be possible that she will be a genius if I do so? Moving on, since she did not behaved last night when I told her so, she was punished to sleep early; she was not able to watch her favorite cartoon in the TV.

I Will Never Go Back, Promise!

I have mentioned here before that my hair was damaged due for hair relax. I had lots of falling hair whenever I took a shower thus; I need to go to a high standard saloon to have it treated. I thought I would be loosing a lot of hair and I’ll be needing a shampoo for hair loss, thank goodness I immediately went to an expert and he puts a medicine for treatment, now it is smooth once again, although it was not totally treated yet but I am sure in no time, it will go back to being shiny and smooth.
The staff said I need to have it treated like once a month so to regain back that silky smooth hair. And he also told me which I affirmed that I should not get back to that saloon I went to. I never expected that saloon would damage my hair to the fact that the owner is my friend; I didn’t inform the owner about it since I don’t want, that staff to be kick out because it is hard to find a job nowadays. But I’ll never go back and that is a promise.