Couples Corner : No Dear

Is this our time to bend out? Because I just received a NO from my husband when I told her if I could reserve a ticket for me and the kid for Manila. I want to book it in advance because in that way we could pay lesser than if we pay it late. Well, he has his reason so it was okay, I just hope that we will pursue this plan this time. He would say no when I would buy him things like a new shirt, a new perfume and some new stuff, he would tell me he has enough and that I don’t have to send him those things. Among other things, except if that pertains with our papers, he would say yes most of the time.
I don’t think I have said no to him, wait. Let me think. Uhmmmm, I guess none. He can do what he wants as long as he is being good. On the other hand, I’ll have to ask him if I could buy a ticket for a concert on October 28, Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano Concert early Christmas presentation. How I wish I won’t be hearing a no this time.

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  1. Hehehe! gandahan mo na lang ng paalam, baka sakaling mag Yes. Medyo lambingin mo ang boses mo kapag nagsabi ka..hay naku, pareho pala si Terry at Rodney, ayaw ng maraming damit, hehehe.. ganyan din si Rodney, sasabihin he has enough shirt, enough this and that..Bakit pala kayo pupuna ng Manila? darating ba siya?

  2. ai ganon din asawa ko, ayaw nya ng maraming damit, some of his things nga 10 years ago na like shirt and trousers. I ask him if we could buy a new trouser from his bday money but ala pa rina kong confirmation till now..haist

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