PBWeekend : Shopping and Baptismal

The day before of my daughters’ cousin baptismal, I dragged the kids to the mall so I could buy them new blouse. I didn’t know that they were on sale, but I am glad that they gave me 5% and 20% off from the stuff I bought. Although Faith was almost lost, we still enjoyed the shopping.
Here is the stuff I bought for my kids:

My eldest daughter blouse

My youngest daughter Stuff

When we’re at the church, Faith asked me to buy her a balloon; I bought her one so there is something she would get busy with. She chooses the Dora image balloon from the vendor and she brought it inside the church. Just before the baptismal started, she saw another kid holding a balloon just like hers, she has to go in front to know the kid, and the Dora seemed like they’re dancing and was glee that they’ve met. LOL
The baptismal ceremony started when the priest arrived, I and Faith have to go outside because she still keeps on running in front. She wanted to let go but was not successful, my niece have to follow me since I was the godmother.
The 3 symbols of baptism:
The crossing in the forehead is the sign of recognition of the one who was baptized as Christian. The cross is the resurrection and the salvation of us all.

Water is the symbol of washing away the sins and the beginning of a new life as the son of GOD.

The lightning of candle is to renounce evil. As Jesus said I am the light of the world as the light is the common thread within the scripture.
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  1. Shopping galore pala kayo–love the stuffs!
    I haven't been a ninang yet–pero meron na akong inaanak sa ere^_^

    Thanks for always dropping by dear and have a nice week ahead!

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