Missing My Husband So Much

I don’t know why I am feeling this way; maybe I just missed my husband so much. It has been a year since we are not together.
There were times I get envious with other wives because their husband is with them. They are lucky because they have someone they can talk to whenever they feel like they need someone to listen with everything that happens to them on that day. Don’t get me wrong, I and my husband talked even twice a day but it is not enough, I know some wives out there, whose husband is away feels the same way.
My kids are growing up, Faith learned her first word, her first walk, and on her first birthday, my husband was not there. I know that we are lucky to have at least a life over here, but sometimes I feel so empty and I am sure my kids as well because their father is not there to appreciate their achievements, their father is not there to laugh with them, or to tap their shoulder when they are sad.
When a friend visited us here one day and while showing her our wedding album, my youngest daughter ran near her and pinpointed her father. She even told my friend, who is her father in the pictures. When our visitor flipped its page, she would exclaimed “Daddy, daddy” that scene melts my heart, ahh it has been awhile.

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  1. I feel the same…I miss my husband so much too. We talked twice each day but that's not enough. But the good thing is, I will go back to the US again by March and he will move with me here to the Phils. hopefully in faith, by next year coz he misses so much too.
    Hang on in there…I don't know about your story, but I am sure , you will be together soon.

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