Calling Wrong Names and Getting Older

When I and my husband was chatting online yesterday, she asked me where’s Faith? Without trying to read what I typed, I message him immediately. He was laughing and told me I guess it was Mj hon. I reread what I sent and yeah I replied him a very twisting answer, I told him Faith is off to school.
One day, when I was cooking in the kitchen, I asked Mj to buy cooking oil real quick, but I called Faith instead. Mj approached me and asked, whom I called, was that Faith or her. I said it was her and she answered why it seems I heard you call Faith to buy cooking oil for you. We both laugh, I was wrong of calling names again. Am I getting older? I know I am as I can see some wrinkles near my eyes and some age spots, I think I need to buy a vitamin c serum for me to help me from aging, prevent me from wrinkles, fine lines and such. But before buying it, I have to see what kind of product should I choose, I know I need to have some instantly but I don’t want to be in a hurry then later I will find out, I didn’t get the best Vitamin c serum. And I must know what are the precautions and what should I do before taking it. You see, I sometimes get meticulous on everything, even for diet pills, medicines, and or vitamins for me to be assure that nothing could go wrong when I am taking it. Life is precious; we must not waste it especially when you have kids that you are taking care of.

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