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Blog Template and Her Quiz

I thought I could not do it anymore, I though finding some codes would be like as you are trying to get into a hole of needle, it was hard at first but later I figured it out. I am talking about installing a new template of my friend’s blog. I am not bragging about it but you know the feeling that even how difficult it was, you still so determined to finish what you have started and when you successfully made it, you are just so overwhelmed. That’s what I exactly felt last night, I even keep on looking at her blog until now, if I know how to use Photoshop, I may love to create a template for myself but I don’t know how, or maybe I am just lack of interest to know it. Right after I installed that template for her, I also tried to arrange her sidebar. Don’t get me wrong, she arranged it before, I just enhance the arrangement to make it more appealing. If you don’t mind, you can visit her site here. Moreover I need to give the credits to the person who made the template; he is no other than Blogger Templates, if you want to see and visit his site, just click the link.
On the other hand, I was so happy to know that my eldest daughter got a highest score for their long quiz in Civics yesterday; she told me I was right that when she studies in advance, she would get a fair score, even she was absent the other day. Our effort, and time was paid off. I actually did not tell her of any rewards, I just told her that if she studies her lessons, it could help her have a good grades in school, and that is an achievement. It worked for her, although she sometimes complained that she had too many points to memorize. It runs as a joke when the secretary of the Pediatrician asked her to help me remember the dosage that was given to her. And she said quickly, oh no! I had many things to memorize in Civics, and I could not bear to memorize the name of my vaccination anymore. The secretary laugh and I told her, she doesn’t have to memorize it but to remember it. Even when she studies she just doesn’t have to memorize each detail but to read it by heart and put those points on her mind.

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