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Phew! Time flies so fast, in two months time its Christmas time once again, have you already asked a particular gift from your husband or have he asked something from you? Did you say yes to that? Have you always said yes to him all the time, even you are already so tired from all the household chores at night?
My husband is a very understanding person, when I said no he would respect it. Mommy Liz is right; it doesn’t hurt to say no as long as you said it in a nice way. I think I have said it in my other blog that my husband’s routine is work then house then he would chat with me, from house then work all day and sometimes he does overtime. Sometimes I would tell him to go out with his friends or stay a little longer when he had a company party. I trust my husband so when he asked to go to Virginia to meet a friend from his previous work, or go to malls nearby, I would always say yes.
When you trust your husband that much, I think nothing could go wrong, because in return he would trust you the same.
Happy Couples Corner everyone!

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  1. Oo naman noh! saka alam mo bang the more we say yes to them, the more they value us, kasi alam nilang we trust them. Yung ex ni hubby ko eh, di siya pinapayagan na lumabas noong araw, kaya nong kami na, gulantang siya at pinapayagan ko siyang lumabas with his friends, oh di ba? Trust lang naman ang need eh. kung palitan ba tayo, eh sinong mawawalan, eh di sila rin, hehehe!

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