Thoughts for Christmas

While we are eating our lunch here in SM, we are listening as well Christmas songs they were playing. It might be weird for some countries to hear Christmas carols as early as October or see some Christmas decorations in the display, here; we don’t find it so weird because we actually start celebrating Christmas on September. You could find some houses already glitters with Christmas lights, some residence already putting up a Christmas tree and you could even encounter carolers already in the street.
Christmas is the most special season in the year, no wonder here in the Philippines we do show our gratitude in Advance for the blessings that GOD bestowed on us. Yet, it is sad to say that some people could not celebrate it at all because they lack of funds, they could not even afford to buy their own stuff during Christmas. But I hope, even though we don’t have anything special in our table, we should not forget that Christmas is not for new dresses, new gadgets, or gifts, it is how we remember that during this season our Saviour was born. Isn’t it enough for us to say thank you that He saves us? He actually does not need a scrumptious food we serve in our table, but our faith to him that counts, that despite of the hardships we encountered in our journey, He is there always to catch us when we fall.

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  1. dito rin christmas na christmas na sana lang talaga wag makalimutan ng tao kung ano talaga ang spirit ng christmas no. well may we all have a peaceful christmas =)

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