A medium size for me please?

Although I keep on depriving myself to eat too much but I just can’t deny that I am getting huge, my jeans could not fit for me anymore, my tops are too tight already and now I think my lingerie is getting too small. When I weigh myself two days ago, I gained three pounds, I need to exercise but I don’t have much time, maybe lesser rice and carbohydrates would do. And since I am getting bigger, I must need to look for a medium size clothes and lingerie, I don’t need a plus size yet, I wish I will not reach that size, I must work hard for that.
We are here in the mall and we’re done buying Mj a training fins for her swimming, it is time for me to look for my stuff; I hope it won’t cost me too much. On the second thought, I think it is much better for me to buy some stuff next time, since we are on a tight budget right now.

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