I am keeping up

No matter how busy and sleepy I am everyday, I always willing to keep up. I visited a few but sometimes I could not leave a comment anymore because I have to sleep early these days due for my asthma.
Last night, as I tried to visit at least 150 blogs, I choose to sleep at 1:00 a.m., but oh no, when I woke up this morning I feel like so groggy. I rested in the couch a bit, my daughter knew that I was really so sleepy, she suggested to cook some hotdogs so I answered her yes. I was just in the living room, so there’s nothing to worry about since I could monitor her. But geez she totally forgot to cook rice and it was already 7:15 a.m.; I hurriedly cook some rice for her breakfast hence I told her to just buy rice for lunch at school.
When she left, I was able to finish two tasks in my blogs, and visited some blog pals. I tried to keep up but sometimes our mind just give up and the body respond, I rested, I slept, and I nap twice this day for long hours. When I woke up, I hurriedly went out to fetch my eldest daughter.

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