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No Time At All

While I was blog hopping a moment ago, one blogger posted about how she would spend her day when the kids are at school and that finally she can have all the time for herself. But later she realized that she can never have some time because the moment she sent her kids to school, the work starts, like bank, grocery shopping, paying bills, and such and before she knew it, it is time for her to fetch the kids.
I am definitely experiencing the same thing as hers. Yes, I’d been so busy lately, I have to do this and that, not to mention that we had to hire a plumber for our water pipe, good thing when we finally looked for one to do with our water pipe, he only asked a little amount for him to fix it. My sister is not here yet to look after my youngest daughter and I have a lot of task I need to finish here, but how could when my youngest keeps on grabbing my hand to join her in the living room, sometimes I would escape when she is already busy watching her favorite program in TV so to finish what I have started here, later when my sister Merlyn arrived, I have to get my X ray result from yesterday and submit it to my Doctor, that also makes me so worried, I hope I am fine. After the appointment of my Doctor, I need to fetch Mj for swimming and when we get home tonight; I still have to help her with her lesson. Mj is an average girl academically, that is if she won’t study, she could not catch up, that’s why I am helping her. She is a no gifted child. It is alright with me though, as long as she really tries her best to do well in school, I am still so proud of her. Although there are times, I get disappointed when she can’t respond immediately with her studies. I have no worries about her Math, because she can do it with herself without me, helping her. What I am concerned now is her English; she just can’t understand the verb, regular verb, irregular verb, possessive pronoun that fast. I have to elaborate in detail what it is all about so she could understand. She is doing better though; I mean she did a good job with her Civics and Science, the subjects she hated last year.

Uses for Micrometers

I like to learn about various things that are used in science or that you saw in the doctor’s office. One such device is a micrometers. What is it used for? According to my behalf it is used to measure very precise and often very small distances. It uses a calibrated screw to make these measures. It is most often used in mechanical engineering and in machining. Can you think of some uses for a micrometer?
More often that not, new machines confused me of the uses and such. And since my husband has more skills about those things, I always asked him about that. Today is a micrometer, I wonder what would be the next machine or devices I would encounter with, that makes me feel like an old fashion that needs an upgrade, but one thing for sure, my husband would always be there for me.