Couples Corner : Who’s the Boss

Rodliz’s Nest

I am certain that when you and your partner treat each other equally, then there would be no boss in the house anymore. And for me the issue of whom would be on top of everything will be set aside if you agree to share it’s either the chores at home or at work. And if that would follow inside of your home, then that would lead to a better and successful marriage.
If the husband does the laundry, doesn’t mean he lessens his being a man. If the wife needs to be the one to bring home the bacon, she must not think that she is already the superior. You see, to have a very successful marriage there should be a constant give and take in regards with the task, house chores and everything. Sharing, understanding, respect is one of those plus factors to have a strong foundation for marriage.
Remember, when there is a certain thing to be fixed at home, you don’t have to call your partner to fix it, if you can, you would. If there is anything to clean up in the messy room, get the broom and clean it. What I mean to say is that, when you see your partner is busy of doing something in your house, you don’t wait for him or her to do all the responsibility in your home, because it is actually you both have the responsibility whatever it is to have a healthy home. And one more thing, get rid of that being bossy, because that would lead to a disastrous relationship.
So to answer the question who’s the boss inside of our home? No one.
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