Sunday Stealing # 21: The Meme about Me, Myself and I

We did not go out; I was just too sleepy to go out so I took a nap together with Faith. My eldest daughter was busy, playing a game in the computer. My Internet connection still sucks, I have to use my Smart Bro USB and that means another spending money for that. By the way, before anything else, my entry for Sunday Stealing is as follow.

1. What inspires you to blog?
Opp? Hehehe
2. What’s the best thing about blogging, for you?
3. What is your favourite book of all time?
If Tomorrow Comes
4. It’s 9pm and for some reason you’ve been hungry all day, despite the three square meals. What do you rustle up?
5. Who are three of your style icons?
My eldest, my Mom and my friend
6. What’s your current favourite song/piece of music?
Christmas songs
7. What is the last book you read?
8. What is your current favourite recipe?
9. Who or what first inspired you to set up your own blog?
10. What object could you not live without?
Cellphone and computer
11. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A contented woman, wife and a mother
12. Who or what made you into the person you are today?
My kids
13. What have your learned from blogging?
That I could make money even just at home
14. Knowing what you know now, what knowledge would you pass on to your past self?
That life is so good to live
15. Sunday roasts – lunchtime or evening meal?
16. What has been your best blogging-related experience so far?
When I was accepted by a paid site.
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Happy Birthday Parla!

Last Thursday, we were invited to a birthday party. It was my friend’s daughter party. I, my sister, nephew and my daughters went there. We were a bit shy since we didn’t bring a gift for her child. Although it was okay for my friend to go there without getting her kid a gift but since I brought the uninvited with me, for me I have to produce a gift.
Yesterday, I dropped by in the mall to buy her some gifts; I brought a sling bag, headband and a pair of clips for her. I immediately wrapped it since Mj is getting nosy of those, especially if when she’s not the one who chooses those. When we arrived this afternoon, I took the gift from the closet and went to my friend’s house. I gave the gift to her child right away, and since she was cooking their dinner, she invited me for dinner. Though her fried chicken was tasty, I have to look after my diet seriously, I didn’t eat much. Thank GOD!
Happy Birthday Parla!

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We went out early in the afternoon today so I could still pay the insurance that I am paying monthly at least before the clock hit 5:00 p.m. But one agency I went first was so crowded, just to think of it, the number that was called, was 170 and I was on number 300. I tried to look for someone who has some extra numbers but I guess it was not my lucky day because no one offered a number to me.

They had this smiley face posted in front of us but how I could smile when I was on the last number. Anyway, I guess it was my fault also because I supposed to go out from the house at 1:00 p.m., but due to some circumstances, we went out at 2:00 p.m.
Despite of being late to my other appointment, I still have reasons to smile because my baby doesn’t have any fever now. Right after I gave her a paracetamol last night, she slowly started to recover and this morning she already had a nice bathe. Thank GOD, her fever did not go back at all.
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Personal Injury in Tucson

My husband is not a big fan of lawyers, but even he admits there are times when they are needed. Often through no fault of our own, we may be injured in the work place, while in a business establishment or other public place. What do you do? Let’s say you suffer a personal injury and that happens in Tucson, Arizona? Perhaps you would hire a local lawyer to represent you in court, a personal injury Tucson, could help you to seek damages due to neglect that caused your injury. But you must find someone whom you could trust regarding with policies and laws regarding with injuries and stuff. You must look for someone that would take care of you and your family.
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