She’s good at it

We arrived so late from the swimming class, right after they finish their program. Their coach asked them to do the sprinting again from four different strokes. Thank GOD that I finally found a stop watch so to record the speed of Mj, in that way I would be aware if she improved or not. One parent told me that Mj really did a good job for her butterfly stroke, her body figure is perfect to do the stroke plus she’s good at it. Knowing that there are only few who can do or compete for butterfly, it would be best for her to continue and develop the stroke more.
Anyway guys, I really have to sleep now, my youngest daughter just woke up and I need to put her back to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll surely answer back your comment and do the blog hopping as well, goodnight everyone!

3 Responses to “She’s good at it”

  1. chubskulit says:

    May pinagmamanahan si MJ kaya magaling hehehe.. Have ablessed Sunday sis.

  2. kat says:

    oi galing..kalisud anang butterfly stroke oi..

    ako gi-ingnan ako bunso Anne kung gusto ba nya ng swimming lesson…di man sya musugot hehehe…mayra pod aron walay gastos hehehe

  3. imriz says:

    you are one very supportive mother. keep it up. it was great of your daughter to choose swimming as her sports.