Please Visit Analee And Greg’s Sites

How many friends that I recommended to do blogging while at home? Several them and I am so happy to know that they are enjoying it now especially if they are earning from it. This time would like to introduce you all my friend Anna and her husband Greg, no I did not convinced them to do blogging thus I was so surprised that they left me a message in one of my blog stating they are already into blogging. Of course they have my full support, especially now that they are having a baby soon, in which they could blog the development of the baby and my friend’s experience of motherhood.
This was us, when Analee was still here

Analee and her husband together in the US.

My friends here in blogosphere, help me welcome them in the world of blog. Here are their blogs if you have time please visit their site or add them, it would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
The Comfort of Home
Guiding Words, Endless Love
Triston’s Growing Years

4 Responses to “Please Visit Analee And Greg’s Sites”

  1. Vernz says:

    HI Gurl, Salamat diay sa laag… sus ang pinay jud na naa asawa ng puti ang daghan ug blogs… hahaha…

  2. Mel Avila Alarilla says:

    Yes, I will support them as I will support you too. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. anne says:

    @ Vernz welcome girl

  4. anne says:

    Thanks Sir MEl