New Furnitures on Display and A Place I Would Love To See

When I went to buy a center table on weekend, I notice that they got a lot of furniture on display and one of them are the log furniture and there’s a huge chandelier. My eyes were so full looking at those displays and how I wish I could buy them as easy as that. But even though I have a money on hand I think I can’t still buy those things since we are planning to migrate soon, I just have to wait for my husband for some updates regarding with our application but even if we can’t stay in his place, any place in the world will do, even in Australia or Netherlands.
More often than not, I am still hoping to see the place where he lived right now, I am not sure if you feel like the way I do, I just want to know the places or the streets he drive through or the building that he went and work to, the restaurant that he usually buy his meals or the malls that he goes to whenever he shopped. He told me though that there is no much things to see in his place, well it is not that I am after of, it is the feeling that you were able to see all the things he does.
I am getting nowhere, I think no one gets me of what I am trying to insinuate. But no matter what our decision will be I am sure it is for the better of my family.

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