Hair Damaged

My hair was damaged after I had it relax; I felt so jerk that I was convinced by a staff to have my hair relax. Now I am trying to treat it right, I bought a precision repair treatment, it is a weekly therapy for damaged hair and since mine was damaged from straightening I have to put it in my hair for three consecutive days then every 7 days after. I would treat it after I am done putting shampoo and conditioner. I hope it would go back as it was before, although it would tipped to the other side at least I had a shiny and a bit bouncy hair. I really regret having a hair done the other day; I should have not let it touch.

10 thoughts on “Hair Damaged

  1. i had a problem before too when I had my hair relaxed. the one who's doing it knew my siblings and he (or she, LOL) was busy asking me about them that he brushed my hair for as long as he still wanted to talk – and stopped only when my hair was burnt. ugh!

  2. Agoy ako pod sa una….nagka split-ins tawon akong buhok…hehehhe…hope mobalik ra imong natural hair girl…:)

  3. These salon people are so pushy sometimes na parang you cannot refuse. better home hot oil treatments mo okay din naman.

  4. @ Gee it seems like we have the same experience grrr I need to save money for a hair rebond but I am not sure if it ok?

  5. Awwwss…sounds familiar! happened with me as well 10 yrs ago and 2 yrs ago…yes, its twice. I wanted to try hair relaxed but it only burnt my scalp….my hair is some kind of natural and a little wavy..I just wanted it to make straight u know or maybe behaved hahaah…what's the best thing to do with my hair?any recommendations?yung hindi mahal ha heheheh…tnx a lot..

  6. @ Lea yan ang nd ko pa alam girl sige lang if itong ginamit ko na precision hair treatment daw eh if it is effective Ill recommend it to you hehehe

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