I don’t need a juice powder

My sister Irenie went here last night and offered me a powder juice, which is according to her have a lot of vitamins. I told her I won’t need a juice but a best weight loss supplement besides I have a liquid juice stored in my freezer and an ice tea powder. This morning as I was not convinced last night, she assured me that the juice powder would also help me for my diet. I am not sure though but I guess she is so desperate to sell it to me, later I took it and tasted it, well it’s not bad at all. So I let my eldest daughter brings that juice at school, when I fetch her this afternoon she told me it tasted like a herbal medicine yet she finished it all at lunch. I am not minding anymore if it would help me of my diet, what I am concern now is the health of my kids, as the label stated that it got Vitamin C, I hope it would provide enough for my two girls.

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