Couples Corner : What do we want for each other

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When my husband and I were friends yet, we talked a lot of things like what he does like for a woman and what do I preferred for a man. One thing for sure, I told him if a guy loves me and want to marry me, he would take the whole package and that means me and my daughter Mj. He understood that, after a few weeks, he proposed and I accepted.

Now that we are married and though we are still living miles apart, we made sure that we are doing the best that we can just to give our best for each other. Precisely, by chatting online and calling over the phone and sometimes he would call to talk to our kids.

What do I want from him?

For now, really is to get us here and be a family. I know he is doing the best that he can. And if we are together, I want him to have an extra time to my kids to fill in those moments that he was not there for them especially for Faith. He is already a very understanding husband and he attend my needs perfectly, but I want him to tell me all things in his mind, my husband seems so tamed especially if he had a problem, he tends to fixed it alone and since I am his behalf I want him to tell me those things, though I know reality bites but it’s better to be bitten than to do not know it at all.

What does he want from me?

I am not sure though but one thing for sure, he sometimes told me I am so kulit, especially when it regards to our papers. And I guess to take care of our kids at home while he brings bacons at home, that doesn’t mean I can’t work when we are together but that is if the kids are already growing up and can take care of themselves.

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I don’t need a juice powder

My sister Irenie went here last night and offered me a powder juice, which is according to her have a lot of vitamins. I told her I won’t need a juice but a best weight loss supplement besides I have a liquid juice stored in my freezer and an ice tea powder. This morning as I was not convinced last night, she assured me that the juice powder would also help me for my diet. I am not sure though but I guess she is so desperate to sell it to me, later I took it and tasted it, well it’s not bad at all. So I let my eldest daughter brings that juice at school, when I fetch her this afternoon she told me it tasted like a herbal medicine yet she finished it all at lunch. I am not minding anymore if it would help me of my diet, what I am concern now is the health of my kids, as the label stated that it got Vitamin C, I hope it would provide enough for my two girls.
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