Ready for Vaccination

We are getting ready now because my two kids will have to get a shot today. Especially Mj because she lacks vaccination, after she turn one year old, we were not able to continue her shots as I was too busy with work as I also thought that she is already complete. I and my husband agreed to have her vaccination shot before the big day so to avoid numerous shots in one time. At least with her pediatrician we could do it supposedly at least once a month. But since she always has snots and runny nose we can’t do it because she need not to have those things before the doctor would give her a shot.
On the other hand, we don’t have a problem with our youngest. This month is her schedule for another shot. As usual she would ask her doctor at first what will he do with the injection, her doctor will just smile at her and would say I will give you a power. So today she will be a powerful kid.
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Vitamins and Calcium Supplement

I need a calcium supplement so my husband bought me vitamins that could add my calcium in my body but the capsules were so big and it was so hard for me to intake it. It was stock for so long here at home so I decided to give it up to my cousin, at that time he forgot his calcium supplements and he needed one so I gave the whole bottle to him. My husband doesn’t know about it but I thought to just give it up than to just let it expire. Now, I need another vitamins for my runny nose, I need a vitamin C for my allergy, it attacks me from time to time and when it does, I can’t help to sneeze always. My friend recommended me one that I might buy later after we are done with our appointment for my kids’ pedia.
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PBWeekend : Training

The swimming class where Mj attended to, will always have sprinting every Saturday. It’s a test for their speed if what stroke are they fast and their forte. Mj is doing well with her freestyle and butterfly stroke, she had the shortest time and fastest in speed in 100meter for freestyle and butterfly as well. Her coach even told me to let Mj do the training everyday but I can’t think we can do that, since we’re living too far away from the swimming venue and she have Kumon to attain to every Tuesday and Wednesday.
Here’s the picture of their sprinting, the coach instructed to inline for their butterfly:
For her butterfly stroke, this was the video I took for her during the training. She still need to pull level to her chest though, I guess this was the second round and she was so tired with this stroke anymore so she was not able to pull her body up. Well she still done a good job for me though. Way to go Mj!
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