No Update? Well Busy Again

Just got too busy yesterday, as early as 6:00 a.m., we need to prepare for Mj need to attend her Kumon, but even though how early I was yet we were still late for an hour. There’s no taxi coming in our place, we have to wait for long hours for the taxi to hail by. Good thing when we arrived at the Kumon, she was still able to cope up with her Math even though she got a lot of things to do with her corrections, she also was able to attend her English in Kumon. I saw her from the door she was already anxious to get out because she was the only one left there. When she saw me, she waved at me and said she’s almost done.
Faith was so uneasy last night; I have to be beside her on our bed. She tried to fight her sleeps so she slept already late. I wanted to update yesterday but geez I was also so sleepy.

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