• Sunday Stealing

    Sunday Stealing # 15 : The Threesome Meme

    Phew, time flies so fast, few months from now it’s Christmas Time once again, I’d been window shopping yesterday, I was looking for a white Christmas tree but can’t find one. But I am afraid it will get too dusty here if ever I will buy for it, anyway, too soon for me to buy one but the Sunday Stealing should be done by now. 1. At what time of your life were you happiest and why? Just this dawn at 1:00 a.m., my husband got some good news for me 2. Where and when did you meet the love of your life? Online on October of 2006 3. Favourite…

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    To Neutralize our System

    There are many ways to detoxify our body just like eating healthy foods, and following healthy habits but sometimes in today’s generation we need detox products to help us remove or neutralize our system. There are a lot of colon cleansing in the market but beware because there are also imitations there that is trying to copy original colon cleansers in the market so if I were you, open a website that recommends colon cleansing, and see what they got. Choose the best and effective product and buy the product that has an excellent review from its users in order you to be safe and healthy.

  • Busy Weekends

    No Update? Well Busy Again

    Just got too busy yesterday, as early as 6:00 a.m., we need to prepare for Mj need to attend her Kumon, but even though how early I was yet we were still late for an hour. There’s no taxi coming in our place, we have to wait for long hours for the taxi to hail by. Good thing when we arrived at the Kumon, she was still able to cope up with her Math even though she got a lot of things to do with her corrections, she also was able to attend her English in Kumon. I saw her from the door she was already anxious to get out…

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    When The Economy is Down

    Who among you are taking diet pills? Did you go to a doctor before taking it? Nowadays it is really so hard to just grab pills recommended who is not a reliable user of any pills, you must indeed ask for consultation before you take it. Many people who just take diet pills and did not went to consult a doctor and end up getting so sick due to the side effects of the pills they took. So you better ask for a reliable user or go to the doctor for recommendation, remember it is hard to get sick now when the economy is down.