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    Couples Corner : Sensitivity

    Sensitivity, according to Wikipedia: It is the sensitivity or insensitivity of a human, often considered with regard to a particular kind of stimulus, is the strength of the feeling it results in, in comparison with the strength of the stimulus. The concept applies to physical as well as emotional feeling. So how is my husband when it comes to sensitivity, well one thing for sure he knows when I am already out of money even sometimes I don’t ask him. He knows when I am mad especially when there are things I asked him and he just can’t comply those. And to just let Mj feel that she is also…

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    New Furnitures on Display and A Place I Would Love To See

    When I went to buy a center table on weekend, I notice that they got a lot of furniture on display and one of them are the log furniture and there’s a huge chandelier. My eyes were so full looking at those displays and how I wish I could buy them as easy as that. But even though I have a money on hand I think I can’t still buy those things since we are planning to migrate soon, I just have to wait for my husband for some updates regarding with our application but even if we can’t stay in his place, any place in the world will do,…

  • Ruby Tuesday

    Ruby Tuesday # 20 : At The Tutor Room

    I and my daughter was so busy last night because their exam is fast approaching so I wasn’t able to post my Ruby Tuesday but it is better late than never right? So here it is: That’s my daughter Mj there, wearing her school uniform. Her tutor is checking her worksheets at the tutor room, obviously some of the students already went out. Obviously she was the one left at the tutor room, she was really having a hard time with her English subject, geez how could I explain to her how to use the it’s and the its.