Couples Corner : Sensitivity

Sensitivity, according to Wikipedia:

It is the sensitivity or insensitivity of a human, often considered with regard to a particular kind of stimulus, is the strength of the feeling it results in, in comparison with the strength of the stimulus. The concept applies to physical as well as emotional feeling.
So how is my husband when it comes to sensitivity, well one thing for sure he knows when I am already out of money even sometimes I don’t ask him. He knows when I am mad especially when there are things I asked him and he just can’t comply those. And to just let Mj feel that she is also being loved and he is not setting her aside, he sometimes calls her to tell her that we care for her.
There was one night that he did not call me, I was so worried, what if there’s something happen to him or what if he is on a date or something but I know he won’t date another woman, lol takot lang niya sa akin hahaha! Joke! I called him so many times but I got no answer, Mj was already starting to notice me and asked me if her Daddy called me already, you know Mj is so sensitive if we argue too much, she is concerned if we quarreled and such because she doesn’t want Faith to experience what she had experienced, she is always the one advised me to tone down. After an hour, my husband called me right away, he said he left his phone in the car and he was in a meeting. He was in a hurry that’s why he never gets a chance to call me.
Nyee, I hope this one is correct; I even consult Mr. Wikipedia about sensitivity and stuff, waaahh this topic really makes me think so hard. LOL, anyway got to go now so I could rest my mind. Just kidding, actually I have to go out to pay Mj’s tuition fee. Happy Couples Corner to all you guys!

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New Furnitures on Display and A Place I Would Love To See

When I went to buy a center table on weekend, I notice that they got a lot of furniture on display and one of them are the log furniture and there’s a huge chandelier. My eyes were so full looking at those displays and how I wish I could buy them as easy as that. But even though I have a money on hand I think I can’t still buy those things since we are planning to migrate soon, I just have to wait for my husband for some updates regarding with our application but even if we can’t stay in his place, any place in the world will do, even in Australia or Netherlands.
More often than not, I am still hoping to see the place where he lived right now, I am not sure if you feel like the way I do, I just want to know the places or the streets he drive through or the building that he went and work to, the restaurant that he usually buy his meals or the malls that he goes to whenever he shopped. He told me though that there is no much things to see in his place, well it is not that I am after of, it is the feeling that you were able to see all the things he does.
I am getting nowhere, I think no one gets me of what I am trying to insinuate. But no matter what our decision will be I am sure it is for the better of my family.
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Ruby Tuesday # 20 : At The Tutor Room

I and my daughter was so busy last night because their exam is fast approaching so I wasn’t able to post my Ruby Tuesday but it is better late than never right? So here it is:

That’s my daughter Mj there, wearing her school uniform. Her tutor is checking her worksheets at the tutor room, obviously some of the students already went out.
Obviously she was the one left at the tutor room, she was really having a hard time with her English subject, geez how could I explain to her how to use the it’s and the its.
Ruby Tuesday
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