PBWeekend : A Quiet Celebration

Last Saturday, my sister and a friend told me that they will be celebrating their Fiesta, I thought the celebration would be same as before, which every house has grandest foods in the table but I was surprised that it turn out to be a quiet Fiesta. It is not that I felt dismay or something, I just felt so anew that the people there are not celebrating anymore, good thing that the church still held mass to thank our Almighty for giving the village a bountiful blessings. On the other hand, showing our sincerest thanks is not only through the foods that we prepare in the table but our heartfelt prayers that even how strong the trials we are encounter each day, we are still holding on and that is because of HIM.
My sister cooked foods only for us though at dinner, and she also made a fruit salad, the all time favorite for everyone. Since the neighborhood was so quiet, I just instead took some pictures of my little Faith and her new found friend in the village.

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  1. Same here… when I was young fiesta was a bit grand and people would prepare for it, but now it seemed to be a very ordinary day.

    My PBWeekend entry is posted HERE. May you have a great week ahead!

  2. agoy ka cute aning duha….hehhehee…mau kay nay naila si Faith…ulitawo pa jud…ehehehe…joke…murag mingaw ang pista da…joke!

  3. i love FIESTAS myself. i miss the times when i was young in the province and join in the parades and processions to celebrate the feasts of our patron saint. nice post!

  4. bitaw Ann oi…sa kalisod sa panahon, di uso ang bonggang fiesta…Mass na lang ang importante karon para pasalamat.

    Thanks sa dalaw and comment hehehe

  5. That's what I like to happen in our place sis kasi doon pabonggahan ang handa kesehodang mangutang, which is so wrong.. Lovely photos.

  6. @ shutter your right girl, but nowadays it was just an ordinary day, but good thing that our church still celebrated and offered a mass for the fiesta although wala na ngang masyadong handaan hehehe

  7. @ Simply Kim yeah we used to also have procession before when I was like 5 years with my sister, that was when we were still living somewhere in Surigao del Sur

  8. @ rose yan naman ang nd pwede hehehe kasi pd naman mag celebrate through attending mass if we dont have money for foods right? just a prayer and be thankful to GOD enough na yun celebration na yun

  9. I love fiestas too pero siguro naghihirap na ang mga tao ngayon–yung iba nga nangungutang pa para lang merong maihanda di ba?

    Thanks for dropping by dear^_^

  10. Fiestas are something I look forward too when I was a kid.. but I guess because of the times a lot has mellowed down. But you're right, a thanksgiving mass is the perfect way to give praise to our LORD for all the blessing we have received.

    Pixelbug weekend

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