Fun Filled Event

This Saturday, San Lorenzo will be celebrating their Fiesta, I asked my sister Merlyn what would she cook during the Fiesta, she just smiled at me so I suggested a Pancit Canton would do and a coke, we are already okay with that. She said with glee she will cook a Pancit Canton for us, I can’t wait for that day because I can mingle again with some of my old friends living there. And my daughters will be able to play with their friends out there.
Fiesta, what does fiesta mean to you? Well if you are living in the Philippines then you could encounter different fiestas here. It is not exactly a holiday but it is a saint’s day for that particular county or barangay. It is one way of being so thankful for a certain saint that he has given you a bountiful blessing for the whole year. Fiesta was originated from Spaniards during their era in the Philippine. Then since it has been the tradition, we followed it until now. There is also a mass during the day and some programs at night, which is prepared by some youth and organizer of a certain village. There are many entertainments they would present from the morning until at night time; there are singing contests, dance contests, disco and such. It is a fun filled event for everyone.

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