Couples Corner :Trust, Faith and Loyalty

Rodliz’s Nest

Do I trust him with all my heart and sanity, well to keep me sane while we are still apart is to trust him, I mean our love proves me enough to gave my all trust in him. Look we reach 3 years before we got married and ever since I haven’t heard or seen or even feel that he has someone he dated with after work, his life is from home is to work, and work is to home to chat with me. Sometimes he would go with friend to play golf or watch football but he always tells me where he is going, there’s one time too that he brought his laptop with him so we can still chat.
Faith, well we have our little Faith here, running around the house and making kulit to everyone. When he got me pregnant. I got so scared that he might just run away since I already have experience that with the father of my eldest daughter. But no, when I messaged him one afternoon, it was already 1:00 a.m., in his time and I was on my way home at that time from work. He messaged me back in an instant but did not received it because my phone has ran out of battery, and when I got home I have to recharge it in our living room then I went to the bedroom to sleep. He messaged me back 10 times that I just have to have a faith in him. He miscalled me like 20 times to just reach to me and was not even gotten enough sleep. Silly me, I was just fell asleep without minding he might was worried about my condition, when I woke up at night to get ready to work; there it was I have a bunch of miss calls and messages. After a moment he called me, right there and then I knew what would be the name of my little Faith.
Loyalty, he loves me so much to look for someone else and I love him enough as much as loves me. Even we’re miles apart, it never came up to my mind or I even could not imagine myself with any guy beside me, He deserves more than that, he is everything to me. And not being loyal to him is impossible; I have everything in life, why should I get a stone to poke on my head? I mean loyalty doesn’t mean you have to be near with each other to prove you are being loyal to your partner. Loyalty came with trust and faith so no matter how miles or even you argue with him/her in so many times, as long as you love each other, loyalty, trust and faith follows.
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