Made me pissed off

We just arrived from the pool where Mj had her training for swimming. She was quiet happy today because her coach did not told her to do the butterfly stroke, she has been complaining these past few weeks because that is the most tiring stroke they had.
I also went to SM to look for that patches repellent that one of my parents mentioned this afternoon, she said it is better than off lotion because you just have to put it in your blouse or dress and the mosquitoes won’t get near you anymore, she also added it is available in SM because she bought her patches there, but then the merchandisers seem like they do not know that product, I even went to customer service and asked them where did they display that patch, but the in charge said they don’t have it. I wonder how many SM’s are here in our place, grrrr.
Since, we are already getting hopeless to have those patches anymore, I and Mj went to Bigbys to have our dinner instead only to find out that I forgot to buy the breadcrumbs I needed for my fried chicken tomorrow and the mall will be closing soon. I might just buy that one tomorrow and I will marinate the chicken the next day after tomorrow. I hope I can do the recipe right this time.
The pharmacies don’t have the medicine I needed to buy for my eyes, I have the drops that my Doctor recommended but the tablet that he wanted me to buy is out of stock. Can you imagine this is the 6th pharmacy that I went to and inquire about that tablet and they don’t have that, some doesn’t know what is the tablet for.
This is the most hopeless night ever, all the things that I wanted to buy is unknown. So pissed off but I guess you can’t have everything in life. We just have to be patience and more patience to wait for the right moment to come.
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