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The topic for this Meme is getting hard, for me lol because until now we are still not living in the same roof. Although being miles apart is getting tough for us each day we are not in each others arm, I guess, somehow we are still helping with each other. Helping each other doesn’t mean to be like doing house chores, or who will be the one to cook today or tonight perhaps, there are many ways to help each other even you are just talking online, or when you are in the other world and your partner is in the other states.
Mostly, my husband helps me with Mj’s assignments especially when we have difficulties of her English subject, lol. Because there are times I lost track and I can’t understand the instructions or her quizzes and thank GOD that Terry is always there for us when we have problems with what is the term of this and that.
When he was here and we stayed in a Apartelle so we have to cook for ourselves, I took aback because I just don’t know how to cook special food, really even I have a recipe book with me I just can’t follow the direction and it turn the food into a disastrous. Well he knows about that so I don’t have to pretend I know how to cook but I know how to fried bulad, hahaha and he hate that. Anyway, so he represented and he cooks a very delicious ooops I forgot the name food. So since I don’t know how to cook I just helped slicing the spices and some ingredients.
Helping is a give and take process, even one is working, he/she still have to help in making the home neat and clean. And even he/she is a busy person outside the house, he/she should find some chores to do at home like changing their baby’s diaper or washing the dishes. Being at home is not easy, you have to do all those things, left and right including taking good care of your kids and even your pets, they also deserve some time to rest and wind up outside. So when other is out, you just don’t have to sit around and waited for him/her to come home, sometime even you’re a career person we have to do our part inside the house to make the marriage work forever.

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  1. you don't have to be together to show how you care. you can show each other your love and concern even you are miles apart. that's the wonder of love.

    thanks for the visit,sis. happy CC!

  2. hi anne! my hubby is away from us also. and its really hard i know. i am doing my best to show my love for him in any way possible. distance shouldn't hinder you from showing ur love and concern.

    we need our husbands as much us they need us also.

    be strong! God bless!

    vhen of

    im following you…

  3. Thanks Vhen, it is sometimes like it is so unfair but yeah you are right, we just need to be strong and be patience, it'll come I know thanks for following me

  4. I thought I would never end up being with him because of my frustration then. But thank God that we made it through. Magkaparehas pala tayo Anne ala rin akong kahilig hilig magluto noon but now, I am trying hard t lalo na may kids na. Just be strong and focus on your goals of getting here and soon you will be in each other's arms.

    Helping each Other

  5. i think i can relate to that.. my hubby has been working abroad for more thanva year now and i'm not geting used to it. i think i never will. that's why i don't join couple's corner, it makes me miss him more..

  6. I'll pray for both of you, i know the feeling been there. Just hold on and believe that you can be together at darating din yon in God's goo time 🙂

    Good day!

  7. @ Wifey it has been 4 years na, good thing he can go here twice in one year at least I can say were still seeing each other in real

  8. @ Khat, your exactly right, nasa tao lang naman yan eh, if you are contented na of how little the help is, most importantly is the love and the share you have with each other, thanks for dropping by

  9. being miles apart is really,as per our own experience few years back, its an everyday struggle but still worthy when your back into each others comfort. and i agree, miles couldn`t hinder a thing for there will always be love to bind.

  10. Yes Ann Rossel was right. distance should not be a reason that you cannot show your care for each other. What is more important that you have been loyal, caring and loving each other!

  11. Yes Ann Rossel was right. distance should not be a reason that you cannot show your care for each other. What is more important that you have been loyal, caring and loving each other!

  12. totoo yan Miss Anne, di ba dapat naman talaga eh nagtutulungan ang mag asawa, sa lahat ng bagay. di porke's lalaki na eh mag work na lang ang duties, they can also help us with household chores, di naman nakakasira ng kamachuhan nila ang mag palit ng diaper. Si hubby sanay na sanay sa ganyan. But mababait mga hubbies natin noh??

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