Be back later if I can

I am so tired and I don’t know why, probably because I’d been trying so hard to click my entrecard for at least 150 clicks, and so as my adgitize. Faith woke up so late again so I had time but my head keeps on wanting me to lie down. Later, Faith woke up and I had no time to go back to bed because I had to give her some milk in a sippy cup and feed her. I also had to accompany her in the living room because she keeps on dragging me and doesn’t want me in front of my computer.
I wash the dishes so late in the afternoon and my headache still did not go away. I have to take a nap that’s all I need, good thing my niece is here at home so I don’t have to be worry for Faith if she still want to watch Puca, Mr. Bean so on and so forth, Mj at the moment is reviewing her Math. So folks I might be back later.

8 Responses to “Be back later if I can”

  1. imelda says:

    hope ur feeling better now anne. ty for the visit

  2. By MelCole of PA says:

    Anne, take ample rest. Your body might still be adjusting to your schedule, waking up when baby is asleep and then have to be busy to feed him when he wakes up. Good thing you have a niece to assist baby sitting with your babes.

  3. Vickie Heully says:

    Entrecard and Adgitize are not only fun, but addicting. They can also become very time consuming if you allow it to. I too am guilty of staying up late dropping cards, leaving comments, etc.

    My strategy is to set a timer for 30 minutes. When the timer goes off, I step away from the computer for a break and go back to it later. There are some bloggers who drop 300 everyday. I don't know how they have time. I average about 100 a day.

  4. By MelCole of PA says:

    Hi sis, I'm back here again to thank you for making it to my blog's top 10 EC froppers in July, grabeh ha, dalawa blogs mo na-include sa post ko don. 🙂

  5. anne says:

    @imelda your always welcome girl

  6. anne says:

    @ mel yes girl last night she sleeps over night here thats why I had time to nap a little

  7. anne says:

    You are exactly right vickie I used to not click before but when my rank started to fall down, I tried to click at least 150 per blog haist

  8. anne says:

    Your always welcome mel