PBWeekend: Kadayawan Sale

This is what I bought during the Kadayawan Sale here in Davao. The price of the pants supposedly worth P200.00 pesos they gave it to me only P179.00, the blouse was P399.00 with a 5% discount, that’s worth only P379.05. The sandals were supposed to be P600.00, it was 50% discount so they sell it for only P300.00, now tell me did I get a real discount this time? Hehehe, now I am looking forward for another sale.

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  1. hala murag mahalan ko hehhehe.. bitaw wala nako kabalo sa mga prices dinha ba unsay mahal ug barato..pero basta sale ok kaayo.. i like the blouse.. 🙂

    karon rako balik deri ann, gulo utak ko!

  2. Taga-Davao diay ka Anne? Ako nakapuyo ko diri sa Central Park. Nag-shopping pud mi tung Kadayawan but more on house and home goods.

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