It is just so annoying when you are so busy in front of the computer then suddenly the light went off. It just happened to me tonight, while Mj and Faith were so busy watching the Shaun the Sheep, the electricity suddenly went off, it is brownout once again here in our place. And yet I needed to finish my online task.
I and Mj helped each other to locate the match using her cellphone so we could light our candle, while Faith was busy screaming, and take note it was in the middle of the night. Don’t get me wrong, Faith already slept awhile ago and she just woke up, it is Saturday here so my eldest daughter doesn’t have a class tomorrow thus she is free to watch TV or to play in the computer, tonight she chooses to watch the Shaun The Sheep and she supposedly watching until now only if the light did not went off. Well, I was still thankful because I have my USB Smart bro with me, and since I am not using it for weeks already the balance amount remain unused. I was still able to finish my pending task.


  1. nangyari din sakin yan madalas, hubby did was buy a UPS, so we can protect our desktop pag may power failure. happy weekends:)

  2. waaaaaa korekkkk..ahak kaayo ning brownout…maayo unta kung mananghid ning DCLights nga ila patyon ang ilaw kaya ron maka ready tah..waaaaaa.

    anyway sa imo Q about Justin Beiber…wa sad ko kaila ani nya adtong una, nya ako cousin ug eldest son man gud ning tig tawag sa ako youngest ug Justine, so nangutana ko kinsa diay ng justine..sus kay amercian young singer man diay ug ang iya latest hit song kay oh! Baby, Baby man tong chorus …hehe ambot unsa title..haha

    TY sa comment Anne

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