Helping Kids Reduce Stress

After Mj is set off to school, I turned the TV on and was able to watch a talk show from Net 25; their topic is helping kids reduce stress. It caught my interest since Mj was so busy these past few months, It wonders me now if she is already stress without letting me know or she is still alright with her busy schedule. I love Mj, there’s no question about that, but I want her to explore other activities as well other than being just at school although some forums said that the kids get too stressed at times with their activities.
I already thought about reducing her activities though since I got stress also. And I already even started it few weeks ago, she will be no longer attended her swimming class on Monday, on Tuesday she still have to catch up with her English in Kumon but on Wednesday since she is already okay with her Math, I planned to just exchange her worksheets and would attend the Math session on Saturday for two hours and one hour for English. In that way she has 3 days rest at home. Their school is not giving much homework so we just reviewing her notes in Science and in Civics sometimes at night and in the morning. A little glimpse on her English and Filipino subjects, she’s doing well on her Math so I let the school takes good care of that. Why I am concentrating on her Science and Civics, it is because she is really having a hard time memorizing facts and history. Anyway, I am trying to rearrange her schedule now, it is odd that I never thought about that when the school just started, and in addition to that, the program that I just watched this morning broadened my mind in so many ways that it is not really good to push our kids to some activities, although Mj is not complaining but I could feel she is drawing back.
Hence, I am so glad that their school is not sending assignments, I mean as what the guest professor said this morning, that sometimes the kids get too confused whether what is the school and house all about, is the house serve as they have to continue their lessons or is it a resting place. The kids should not be confused about that, inasmuch as we knew the house is for them to rest from their stressful day at school or a place where they could play games with their siblings. A little touch for their lessons at school could do then after that let them do what they want to do, but surely computer is out as one of the activities at home during weekdays.
Helping kids reduce stress, a HEAT could help us with that
H- Hear them out. Have time to listen for their daily activities at school, of course that should be in the proper time, just like for example with Mj when she talks, she talks without minding that she already getting so slow taking her breakfast. So I interrupt her and told her she should eat first before she could talk, otherwise she will be late at school.
E- Express, when they can’t tell their feelings about a certain thing. As a parent, we should guide and teach them how to express themselves.
A-Action, take action like if they feel so low and depressed, you might as well bring them to a place where they can just be themselves, a park or in a beach where they could wind up.
T- Time, give time. Give them enough time like a one hour of watching TV then after watching their favorite program; they have to study their lesson as well to catch up with their quizzes the next day.

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  1. Noon Anne, raking mom talaga ako.. enroll here and there sa mga anak ko We also attended Kumon sa Obrero, may swimming pa may violin pa… tapos na realize ko pati ako nga stress sila pa… we drop everything except those playing at home … di na sila masyado grumpy…

  2. Great tips Ann. skato gyud ka dili kay sila ra ma stress hasta sad ta. si david kay 2 ni iya ka sport every week pero dool ra kaayo sa amoa ug si dorothy kay tennis lesson lang pag school days. kung school holiday ako sad ni sila e enroll ug mga activities para dili ma bored .

  3. @ Vernz hehehe Mj needs kasi assistant sa Kumon as in kasi slow siya konti hehehehe patawad anak lol, and she love the water kaya sige nga hehehe

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