Cats from the Neighborhood and our Aircon

There are cats outside our house, I guess they are already family. I noticed their father at first, then there’s a mom and recently I found two kittens in our empty pot outside our house. These cats used to live in the neighborhood but I am not sure if they were fed because they keep on asking foods from us. Now I found out that they don’t have shelter anymore, I guess our neighbor neglected them at all, I know how smelly the cats are but they should use a dehumidifier so their house will not be that smelly not that they would abandon the cats. I felt pity with the cats though so whenever they are here to visit us, I made sure I have foods set aside so we could feed them. Faith is enjoying the moment with them, although she is allowed only to watch them while they were eating as she has allergies, she would sneeze at times when she gets near them.
Moreover, I still have issue with my aircon though, it blows some dust anymore, and it is so smelly that I end up sneezing most of the time last night. I turned it off later, good thing Faith did not demand to turn it on but she felt so uneasy though, sometimes she would cry in the middle of the night feeling so uncomfortable, it was a bit hot last night even though we switch our electric fan on.

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