Babies Behind Bars

It is indeed so hard when a mother got behind bars and she is having a baby on the way. I didn’t expect some kids got into jail because of their Mom, some mothers out there wanted to have their babies to be adopted, some Mom wanted to keep their babies in the jail with them but it is also the right of the child to live life outside those grilled bars. It is good to know that the DSWD would get them when the baby turns one year old.
One mother was so confused what to do when she was informed that in due time, the DSWD would get the baby eventually after her first birthday. She doesn’t want to be separated with her baby, but this is for the concern of the baby, since the prison bars doesn’t have enough space and air or even food for the baby to grow normally, imagine 70 prisoners would try to fit in to a very small space that supposedly only 20 person could fit in, yes the kid needs his Mom presence, her love, her compassion and her touch but we are also concerned of what kind of future that stores for the baby if he stay behind bars.
There are still many babies who are still in jail together with their mom, it is so depressing to see them, growing with an environment that is not healthy at all. Thus, when we knew that they could have a minute of freedom through their mother’s touch and hug, do we have the strength to get them and put them under the care of an institution? I felt pity for the kids yet I am also considering their future.
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