Don’t mess up with the Priest

It is a protocol that when you are inside the church at whatever occasion that is, you should be quiet and should listen to the word of GOD. Even there’s no mass going on, one should be silence for there are other people who were praying. When we attended a wedding last month, I was so stunned when the priest asked someone in front of the altar, “are you done?” can you imagine, he asked that to a lady who happens to be the matron of honor at that time, three times.
It was during when the priest asked us to kneel, that we noticed the priest looked so annoyingly at the matron of honor, she was doing her retouched without even minding to kneel down, she did not notice the priest looking at her because she was too busy. During rise, the priest can’t help it anymore that he bluntly asked the lady, we were so stunned, the lady just stopped then she pretends as if nothing happen. I guess the priest really pissed off, that he finished the wedding mass so fast, he didn’t even told the groom to kiss the bride, the wedding has lost its meaning and solidarity just because of that one big mess caused by the matron of honor. So when you attend a mass or even just a wedding mass, take at least some time to focused yourself to the homily, we can do a retouched after anyway or act decency so you don’t interrupt anyone at the mass.
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