It has been awhile

It has been a while since I did not updated this blog, well I was rested and I was just online when my husband is online. I still have a cough for now but I already have my medicine for it, I still took seretide for my asthma since it attacked me when I had a fever. Believe me, it is not easy to get sick especially when you have a two year old toddler, good thing Mj was not affected though we still did not went to her swimming lessons because nobody could send her at that time.
She was so happy when her schedule was not that tight, that all she has to do is to study her exam and watch TV but I guess she has born a swimmer since after two weeks, she missed the water so much. So even I am still not feeling well and was still so sleepy due to the medicine I am taking, I drag myself to send her to the swimming venue. Her training was so long today, she spent three hours in the pool because she has to fill in those programs she misses two weeks ago.

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