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Nothing much of I know of when it comes to likes and dislikes of my husband one thing I believe he doesn’t like is he does not want to be pinch, oh how he hated that and I like doing it. He likes to annoy me sometimes and what makes it worst is that I was so serious talking to him about something and he kind a joking me around, I just ignored him if he does that. He said I am so kulit, well I keep reminding him, I will not kulit him if he does what I want him to do, okay if that is being kulit so be it. Lol.
He dislikes the smell of a dried fish and I so love it, he dislikes the color pink and it is my second favorite, he doesn’t like to go to an appointment late in the afternoon and I like to go out in the afternoon, he dislikes waking up so late well I and mostly the kids like to wake up so late, so he end up waiting for us.
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