I Am Making Up

Don’t be surprise when I am writing my entry for the Meme’s I joined so late and it was all together in one day. I am just trying to make up from being hiatus due to some flu I caught, and I leave my comments since this morning, I hope it is enough for you to at least visit me back once again. I know I need to sleep and get more rest but I can’t help it while I know I have to consider you all guys. It is great to see you commenting my blog and if I haven’t visit you back yet, I’ll try to visit you later tonight after I will get some nap.
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While Waiting

While waiting for her schedule for swimming and she can’t get to nap at the cottage in the swimming venue, I always told her to work on her worksheets. This time she was done with her Math, so as I was busy doing my online task.

Striking a pose while she was doing her Kumon worksheets

Me in my mini laptop
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To modernize our bathroom in Maryland

Our home in Maryland is approaching 40 years old. Though the bathrooms are okay, my husband tells me he would like to modernize them. He wants to replace the sink, tub, bathroom fans and redo the color screen. All bathroom really need to have a fan. It not only helps with ventilation, but can help keep the occurrence of mold and mildew down. I want to be the one to paint them, but who will keep Faith out of the paint? Can you imagine what a two year old can do with a paint brush? I know Mj could keep her company but how I wish that during the painting Mj is not at school so she could help us around the house.
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Over Fatigue

Next to my niece Mariel who captured a flue just these past few days, I started to catch flu too. Not just a flu though but I was over stress as well, got a severe headache and it was too unbearable. From then on I knew it was some sort of,bug hat,or,binat, I am not sure if you believe in this, maybe it is like a chronic fatigue, or there might be no scientific explanation of this illness. This happens to me every now and then even I gave birth for like years especially if I slept too late and I can’t get a nap in daytime. So we went to the church where there are stalls sells himughat, it is a variety of some branches of woods. All you have to do is boil it and drink it. I sweat a lot from 39 it went down to 38 then 37 then I got the normal body temperature. When I woke up this morning my headache was gone, from two days of having that now I am fully recovered I just need more ample of rest and take my medicines the pulmonologist gave me.,
I was so scared when we went to my pulmonologist yesterday noon, he asked me directly if there are dengue cases in our area, I told him I haven’t heard of any. He checked my blood pressure and since I have a history of asthma, he gave me seretide and medicines for my cough. He told me then that if my fever won’t be gone after three days I should go back there on Monday to check my platelet. Well, I guess I don’t have to since I am definitely alright now.
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